The People Are What Make This Experience So Special

The Second Gathering of the Apprentice Experience is less than two months away. God taught me quite a bit in my one week in November and I have been changed and continue to be amazed how God used that first gathering to prepare me for what lie ahead in the coming months. But, what might stay with me the most will be the relationships that have been formed through this experience. These were truly amazing people who, by their sheer love and concern, taught me some amazing things.

-There is a young pastor from the Southeast whose enthusiasm for the things of God and love for people has inspired me.

-There is a Northern California mother of adult children whose calming spirit and love for God instantly made me feel at ease.

-There is a Anglican priest who is so well read and spiritually experienced. He has kept all of us thinking about important spiritual things online even when we are not together.

-There is a Midwest lay person from a small town who runs a benevolence ministry for the simple reason that it needs to be done and God has gifted her with the ability to do it.

-There is a West Texas mechanic with such a keen grasp on connecting the physical with the spiritual that we all sit in amazement as he weaves his intricate illustrations that teach profound truths.

-There is a lady from my home town who provided me with an instant connection and whose peaceful concern for me eased much of the anxiousness I felt as the week began.

-There is a fun-loving Mennonite who is  a true delight to be around even if he doesn’t believe that he is.

-There are pastors who, though tasked with huge responsibilities, are seeking God with all of their heart and that give me hope for the future of our churches.

-There are a few coming off incredible brokenness whose bravery and faith put mine to shame.

I could go on and on about all 27 of these amazing people and what they have taught me. We have just started this journey and God will no doubt continue to move in us. I can hardly wait until March.

Amazingly, at least in my mind, I am just a few hundred dollars away from paying for the entire $5,000 tuition needed for the Apprentice Experience. It has been a while since I asked for help with this fund raising.

Won’t you consider donating and partnering with me. You know I value your input and support beyond what I can express. This is an unbelievable opportunity for me and I want to share it with you and others.

Help me make this happen. Donate here.

By contributing you will receive the following:

At least $25 – The Grow Up Playlist full of songs that have helped me in my spiritual life.

At least $50 – A sample chapter of an eBook I worked on a few years ago called More of Christ, Less of Everything Else.

At least $75 – A resource pack full of the list of tools that I use to grow closer to God.

At least $100 – A short eBook that I am creating called the Devotional Lives of Famous Christians.


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