My Journey: The Next Big Thing

I wrote regularly in the first incarnation of this blog in 2011 and 2012. The primary reason that brought that writing routine to an end was my attempt to complete a marathon. Running took too much time during my day and I couldn’t fit in a writing schedule as well.

I sacrificed something that I enjoyed and thought was meaningful so that I could pursue something else that I enjoyed and thought was meaningful. I chose to prioritize one experience over the other because I was doing it for a good cause and because running was a challenge that was teaching me about myself and giving me many meditative moments with God.

Now, four years later, I have another experience that I want to prioritize. I want to challenge myself and my life with God. I know that God has called me to pursue a mature Christian life and to be a benefit for others who want the same but don’t know where to start or how to get there.

I will be starting the Apprentice Experience in July and will attend the first Community Gathering in October. There are many ways, as a reader of this blog, that you will benefit from my journey through this curriculum. Won’t you donate to my journey so that I can complete the 18-month experience and continue to grow. All that I learn and experience will then be shared with you, the reader.

In addition to all the great content that this experience will provide on the blog, I am providing donation gifts for all donors who give more than $25. These are really cool gifts that will push you to grow up in your spiritual life. See below.

Donate now.

At least $25 – The Grow Up Playlist full of songs that have helped me in my spiritual life.

At least $50 – A sample chapter of an eBook I worked on a few years ago called More of Christ, Less of Everything Else.

At least $75 – A resource pack full of the list of tools that I use to grow closer to God.

At least $100 – A short eBook that I am creating called the Devotional Lives of Famous Christians.

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