Signs of Maturity do you know if your spiritual life is advancing, that you are growing up? Are there markers that signify maturity?

Again, you can look at general maturity that we are all familiar with. A teenager lacks maturity because they think they have all the answers and that any one who tries to tell them otherwise is out of touch and trying to hem them in. The teenager shows signs of maturity when they begin to humble themselves enough to do the necessary tasks that will allow them to achieve substantial goals or overcome obstacles instead of skating by on their own guile and devices.

A Christian shows signs of spiritual maturity when they demonstrate a desire to submit to God in all circumstances. Why? Because you realize that the tools and resources that you are using based on your own power are limited and lacking in so many ways. God, on the other hand, has tremendous power and ability to shape you, assist you, provide for you, and protect you.

No wonder that Jesus starts off his model prayer with:

Our father who are in heaven,

hallowed by thy name.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done

On Earth, as it is in Heaven.

God is great and his ways are the absolute best for us. Acknowledging these two things are the next steps in growing up in faith.

photo credit: Biking Nikon SFO

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