Running the Race: Running For Joy

On Dec. 4 I will run in the White Rock Marathon in Dallas. Once a week, I will provide my observations on the connection between the spiritual life and training to run a marathon. Please visit my White Rock fundraising page to honor my daughter and contribute to a great cause.

This week is race week. There is no cramming for the marathon. Whatever I have accomplished in my training to this point will have to suffice. In this space, I have talked quite a bit about what I have done in my training and it is obvious that I will be the one who will complete the race (or not). But I started this entire quest in honor of my daughter, Joy, and the great work of Texas Scottish Rite Hospital For Children. I have to restrain myself from making this all about me because Joy is my inspiration.

Joy, now three, was born with a Cleft Lip and Palate. Her first surgery on her lip occurred when she was three months old and her palate was worked on when she was eight months old. After her palate surgery, she was in too much pain to eat and stayed that way for an excruciatingly long four to five days. At four months, she was placed in the hospital because of pneumonia and for several weeks afterwards, we had to feed her through a tube to avoid milk entering her lungs.

When she was a year old, we had her examined at Scottish Rite for possible curvature of the spine. Sure enough, she had infantile scoliosis and we started treating her and will continue, no doubt, throughout her childhood. For more than four months, she was placed in a cast that went from her hips to her shoulders. Now, she wears a brace that can come on and off but there is no sign of her getting out of the brace anytime soon. I haven’t even mentioned the eye surgery she had or the hernia surgery or the two additional palate surgeries.

I call her a professional patient because she knows her way around a doctor’s office and lets most everything just run its course without too much of a fuss or problem. When she was two, she got a flu shot and didn’t even cry. She is tough, smart, cute, and funny. She lives up to her name and has captured the heart of many who have been around her. I am running for Joy. She is my inspiration. I figure that my five hours of running is the least I can do to honor her, the rest of my family, and other kids that need medical care.

So, if I finish the marathon, congratulate me for a job well done but don’t forget the little girl who has already made it through the equivalent of about ten marathons’ worth of medical procedures and surgeries. Joy deserves the attention and pats on the back much more than I do.

Update: Joy and I were featured in the Life section of the Dallas Morning News yesterday. They did a story about first time White Rock runners. The story even mentioned the blog. If you have an online subscription, you can read it here.

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  1. Many prayers for you & all the runners for a good run tomorrow Scott! I know you’ll feel God’s presence each step of the way!

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