How to Start A Small Group

Last time I talked about the value of community and small groups. I have started a few small groups over the years and have learned a thing or two. Here are my tips for starting your own small group.

1.Find one other person – No one said that your small group had to be bursting with people. Really, if you find one other person who shares your interest in growing in Christ, you have a small group. All of the value of a small group can still be found with just two people – accountability, someone to bounce ideas off of, and opportunities to learn something new.

2. Start small – Whenever we are heading up something, we often get entrepreneur fever and begin dreaming up scenarios involving curriculum and name tags and websites and statements of confidentiality. This is all fun to do and may be appropriate at times, but your best course of action is simply focusing on the people in front of you, the small goal of meeting consistently, and a simple way of engaging God’s word or his work in our lives.

3. Understand the value – No matter what you are learning, or what insights people are getting from the group the true value of a small group is in the unity and community of the people involved. Friendships that surface, personal struggles that are prayed over, and fun that is developed among the members is what is really meaningful and lasting. Sure, we all want to become more knowledgeable about the Bible and the Christian faith but that shouldn’t be the highest priority in your group. Build trust, community, and togetherness and the rest will follow.

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