23 Things – Week 7: Simplicity

Week 7: Simplicity

16. Learn about simplicity from this video 

17. Read Matt. 5: 33-37. This is Jesus’ instructions to avoid manipulating and misleading people through the words that we say. The goal is to be the type of person who can simply say “yes” or simply say “no.” Additional information and explanation is usually only used to make sure that others continue to think good of us.

For the next week, attempt to answer requests with a simple “yes” or a simple “no.” Avoid the urge to explain yourself constantly. Make every effort to remove verbal manipulation from your day. Work toward honest and appropriately simple language. Talk about your experiences in the comments below.

This is week seven of 23 Things. See previous posts here and here for the first 15 things and an introduction to 23 Things. If you want to be eligible to win a free book, post a comment under each week’s session. Those who complete all 23 Things will be placed in a drawing for a free book.

2 thoughts on “23 Things – Week 7: Simplicity

  1. That’s a difficult exercise to simply give yeses or no’s . I find myself so often explaining myself and sometimes I think its needed for good communication. But also sometimes, its not needed at all. Definitely something to work on this week. (The guy with the pony tail really annoyed me. Can’t quite put my finger on why, but he just did. Anybody else annoyed by him?)

  2. That is Richard Foster. He takes some getting used to and is a little smarmy but there would be no 23 Things and probably no Christian Life Hacker if it wasn’t for his book, Celebration of Discipline. A must read for the Christian disciple.

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