FAQ About 23 Things

Do I have to sign up to participate in 23 Things? No, you can participate in any way you would like. Each of the “things” will be posted on the blog and you can read and do how you wish.

Will you have other blog content besides 23 Things? Yes, the 23 Things content will be weekly so there may be other times where I post other content. Though, I suspect, that I will be supplementing some of the content from that week’s “things.”

What kind of time commitment is involved with 23 Things? It is not so much about time as it is about intention. You will definately have the time to complete the exercises but the question will be whether or not you have the intention to carry through on the exercises. A good memory and discipline are more important than ample time.

Do I have to have prior knowledge of spiritual disciplines? No, that is why I am doing 23 Things. It is an introduction to spiritual practices.

How will this work each week? Each Monday, a few of the “things” will go up. You simply complete what it ask you to do. Sometimes it is just reading an article or watching a video while other times there is an exercise component to it.

Will there be other material?  Yes, I will be providing links, thoughts, and encouragement via my Twitter feed @christlifehack

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