Announcement: Christian Life Hacker Marathon Challenge

On December 4, I will be running in my first marathon. That is, if all goes well in my training. But I am off to a good start.

I am running the White Rock Marathon in Dallas. Besides the personal pride and achievement associated with running 26.2 miles, I am also running because the main beneficiary of the proceeds from the White Rock go to the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. My daughter, Joy, has gone to Scottish Rite since she was a year old and they have treated her for infantile scoliosis. I am hoping to raise at least $250 dollars for Scottish Rite. You can visit my fundraising page here:

If you have been reading Christian Life Hacker for very long you will recognize that I make a lot of parallels between exercise and our spiritual life. Ever since I read Dallas Willard’s chapter on the body in his magnificent book, Renovation of the Heart, I have been fascinated by the body and it’s connection to the spiritual life and vice versa. So, once a week, on this blog, I will chronicle my marathon training and note any insights I have found regarding my spiritual life. I think that this goal will be both a physical, emotional, and spiritual test that God will play a key role in.

Wish me luck and please donate to Scottish Rite here. 

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