A Living and Breathing Life

To live a Grown Up life, you need the very spiritual life breath of God.

Two striking moments in human history occured with God breathing something into existence. When God created the first man, scripture says that he “breathed into his nostrils the breath of life.” When Jesus has been raised from the dead and is empowering his disciples he breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit.”

In the first instance, God is creating the human race. In the second, God is creating his children and church. Man did not exist before God breathed life into him and subsequently, the church did not exist until God breathed life into it.

In similar ways, we need Christ’s spiritual breath to create in us something that didn’t exist before.

This new life/new breath animates all aspects of your life and it is not just an add on. We are not just a parent and a believer in Christ; we are not just a nurse and a believer in Christ; or a citizen and a believer in Christ. Everything in our life is reoriented by this new breath and our living comes out of God’s breath and new life touching every aspect of our selves – our heart, soul, body, and social interactions.

Photo by Barbara Olsen on Pexels.com

We start to move beyond mere morality or values but embody the very life of Christ and the power of his Holy Spirit. Our transformation shapes our thinking, our identity, our commitments, our actions, and our relationships. We are not bringing Christian belief into our workplace or home but bringing Christ into our workplace and home. The latter has the power to do what God wants done, when he wants it done. Mere belief or morals can’t do that.

Growing Up and experiencing the very fullness of Christ through his breath and life will be the cause and the power and the creation of anything that is good, fulfilling, and abundant.

Belief may have brought you this breath of Christ but now you must let it fill your very existence through opening yourself up to it, letting it tear apart the areas that are still clinging to the old life/breath, and asking Christ to fill you with it each and every day. 

Your Grown Up life depends on it.

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