A Pool of Tears

Jesus wept , and sweated drops of blood, and looked across a room and saw his betrayer, and had everyone he loved abandon him, and begged God to take his pain from him, and grieved the unfaithfulness of man, and heard lies spilled about him, and was tortured, and executed

His torment, pain, loss, and grief was ultimate and as real as yours or mine. The “pool of tears” that so many of us sit next to in our own lives is no different than the pool of tears that Jesus experienced. Trevor Hudson says, “Jesus grants us the gift of his own tears. His tears remind us that God weeps with us, grieves with us, and suffers with us…that his tears represent the empathy of God.”

So much of life is an attempt to get away from our pool of tears, to try to ignore it or deny it. This Holy Week shows us that Jesus experienced his own pool of tears and the fact that God did not shield his own Son from this pain means everything.

Christ Carrying the Cross/Piambo/Art Institute of Chicago

It means that perhaps the best place for Christ to meet us is in the middle of our tears and at the end of our rope. Jesus is familiar with tears and knows suffering and experienced the worst that humanity can bring and defeated it all. His resurrection proclaims his desire to redeem all of that pain and struggle for our benefit and his glorious future. 

Let Jesus sit with you and your pool of tears and know that all will be well. The cross seals his empathy and sacrifice for us and the resurrection announces the best is yet to come.

Hold on. Christ is there. You will not drown in your tears.

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