Three Steps To A God Drenched Day

A 2008 study from researchers at Northeastern University monitored the cell phone signals of 100,000 Americans. The study was intended to track the movements of humans throughout their daily lives. Published in Nature, the study showed that humans are very predictable in their daily movements. They visit the same places around the same time each and every day.

I thought it was just me who was attached to a schedule but apparently a majority of our society structures their day around a pattern of activity. We could say that habits of time and place are a part of the way that God created us.

The question becomes for those of us who are interested in Christian spiritual growth, how can we make God just as much a part of our daily routine as taking a shower and drinking a cup of coffee? Let me offer a few ideas to spark a more God drenched daily life:

Step One: Begin and end everyday with a prayer of thanks and gratitude toward God. Most of us either choose our mornings to pray or our evenings. Why not make a point to pray at each of these moments of the day. Just a simple one sentence prayer of thanksgiving will do. What a great way to bracket your daily routine.

Step Two: Set up a God spot. If you have kids you probably have used some variation of the Time Out or Naughty Spot technique of discipline. You have set up a spot where your kids must visit when they are in trouble. Why not designate a spot in your house that is reserved for Bible reading and prayer. It doesn’t have to include anything fancy such as candles, incense, or religious imagery, it just needs to be a set spot that you go to whenever you are praying or reading scripture.

Step Three: Include your family or roommates. Think about how natural it is for many of us to pray together before eating. My kids throw a fit when we forget to pray with them before going to bed.  There is strength in numbers and a completely isolated spiritual life will be a limited spiritual life. Maybe spouses could pray together before going to bed or someone could be designated to read a scripture at the dinner table. My wife always prays with our girls before they go to school. Make reading scripture, praying, and talking about God as common as “How was your day?” and “Let me tell you what I want for my birthday.”

Change can come in our lives when we begin to restructure our daily existence around our priorities to begin to live more like Jesus.

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