A Day With An Ounce of Faith

Let’s say that I woke up today and only had a seed of faith in Christ. I believed that he was God’s son, that he died a brutal death, and that he was resurrected. What can that seed of faith accomplish? 

First, we have to understand what faith is. It is, according to Dallas Willard, “Confidence based on reality.” 

In my one seed of faith, I am confident that Jesus was real, that he healed, taught people how to live, and gathered followers by the dozen, sometimes thousands. By this being true, I recognize that today I should take his teaching seriously, I should follow his example, and consider him as the prime example of what it means to live a full life. 

Walking with one seed of faith, I understand that Jesus’ death was undeserved and that he served as an unblemished sacrifice on behalf of all who have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. That my sin is worthy of punishment and death but that Jesus chose to sacrifice himself. I grow in confidence that God, through his son, has shown me impossible love and will stop at nothing to bring me closer to himself. 

Photo by NastyaSensei on Pexels.com

Finally, my one seed of faith knows that Jesus’ resurrection destroyed death and its evil curse on humanity. Death does not have the final word and I am confident that I will experience eternal life with God because of the power of this resurrection. I know that what I am experiencing today, joys or trials, will be overwhelmed by the sheer profoundness of the resurrection and its personal possibility for me. 

If I really let this seed of faith do its work today then I would restrain from making anger my default mode of behavior. I would protect others’ dignity by not gossiping or lying. I would study scripture in order to grow my faith. I would confess and repent of any sin that comes to mind. I would be putting that sinful life behind me and begin living a new life. I would begin to experience the eternal life of God now, not just in the future. I would not be destroyed by the next crisis that comes my way but instead would begin to walk with God into an abundant life.

All of this is happening through one tiny seed of faith for one day. If you don’t think you have a big enough faith, know that whatever size seed you have is enough for today to bring you what you need for a fuller, more holy life. And let me promise you that as your faith grows that you will see impossible things happen. 

Glory to God.

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