The Quest For Approval Is Killing Me

Several years ago, I remember going to the first sessions of the Apprentice Experience.  These sessions were led by people that I truly admired and had learned so much from. Instead of sitting under their teaching and soaking in the wisdom and the potential for insight that God would provide through them I found myself... Continue Reading →

Bold Christianity is Not What You Think

I have a fear for new believers or younger Christians who have experienced the saving work of Christ on their lives and are now looking for models of how to behave as a Christian. These new Christians are sincere and dedicated and they want a behavior to match their bold belief and enthusiasm.  The problem... Continue Reading →

The First Job of A Christian

The word glory and glorify is used over and over in scripture but do we know what it means to glorify? I don't think I could have given you a definition until yesterday. In the Reservoir devotional that our staff has been going through we read this definition, "to glorify means to cause the worth... Continue Reading →

How To Make A Neighbor

There is a character in the Bible that is never named but he is labeled by Bible scholars and readers throughout history. He is known as the Good Samaritan. What strikes me as funny about that the Good Samaritan name is that it has taken on a life of its own. Like the man who... Continue Reading →

Being Honest With God

As a lifelong Church goer, I am fully aware of the patterns of behavior and ways of thinking that I can sink into that present me as a respectable and good "Christian." I have been conditioned to look good based on the expectation of the church even though it is all very safe and does... Continue Reading →

What Matters Most

Three years ago today, my dad died of lung cancer. I want to honor his memory here by sharing what I wrote for the memorial service. The pain of his loss is still present and surfaces at strange times and in strange ways. Reading these words again reminds me that Growing Up doesn't have to... Continue Reading →

The World Needs You To Be Jesus Too

Here are some of the things I have heard Christians say, especially recently: “What we need is Jesus.” “There will be no hope until there is a spiritual awakening in this country.” “Pray that God will move on our nation.” “We all need a savior.” Even one of my heroes, Dallas Willard, says something similar,... Continue Reading →

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