The First and Last Word

When you woke up this morning, who had the first word? What about last night, where did the last word come from? Have you fallen asleep while checking Twitter and mistakenly liked or retweeted something because your groggy fingers weren’t alert? Does Instagram get your touch of affection over someone right next to you? Do... Continue Reading →

The Lord’s Prayer For Our Country

Last week, we began to pray for our country using the Lord’s Prayer as our framework and prayer prompts. This week, we begin with the line, “Forgive us our Sins.” Forgive us our sins...As I wrote last month, “The last I checked my own heart, I discovered hatred, rage, revenge, incredible selfishness, superficiality, immorality and... Continue Reading →

Jesus the Carpenter

One of my most embarrassing weaknesses is my complete lack of mechanical ability. Changing light bulbs sometimes prove a challenge and anything beyond replacing a tire air cap on a car is a monumental feat.  I consider some of my greatest accomplishments being replacing car batteries and a toilet seat. The day I changed a... Continue Reading →

Our Future Depends On The Spiritual

There is a theory that our civilization is at its most historically precarious existence at this very moment.  This Hinge of History theory considers human’s current capacity to destroy ourselves, the all encompassing future of AI, the still present ability to reverse some of our wrongs such as climate change, and the mounting global crisis... Continue Reading →

Love Isn’t Supposed To Be Rare

I have been reading the book Let Justice Roll Down by John Perkins. He tells the story of the pastor of the Baptist church in his Mississippi town in the early 1960s. Perkins, who is black, had befriended the white pastor and they had reached common ground on their love for the Lord and the... Continue Reading →

Quit Worrying About Your Level of Faith

The definition of a simple faith is not a small sentence with the most minimum of doctrine. A simple faith is wanting to believe. But this isn’t good enough for our 21st Century mindset that has to have not just happiness but fulfillment, not just wellness but fitness, not just devotion but radical commitment.  When... Continue Reading →

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