My Ultimate Concern is…

My opinion doesn’t really matter. How I feel often leads to poor judgement. My assumptions are often wrong. My moods frequently show I am just tired and not experiencing some wrong inflicted on me from others. My desires will never be satisfied if they are most important. So, what is the alternative? You may think... Continue Reading →

Jesus Can Handle Your Questions

Nicodemus questions Jesus. The Rich Young Ruler has a question he needs answered. The disciples question how to pray, the meaning of parables, and an assortment of misunderstandings of Jesus’ teachings. Jesus spends so much of his time being quizzed and questioned. The Pharisees keep trying to trap him, the disciples are consistently not getting... Continue Reading →

A Pool of Tears

Jesus wept , and sweated drops of blood, and looked across a room and saw his betrayer, and had everyone he loved abandon him, and begged God to take his pain from him, and grieved the unfaithfulness of man, and heard lies spilled about him, and was tortured, and executed.  His torment, pain, loss, and... Continue Reading →

Grow Your Prayer Life Through Variety

If prayers are supposed to be conversations we are having with God then our prayers will have the kind of variety we find in our conversational lives. When not praying, our conversations throughout the day may include stories told, small talk about the weather and the strain of the everyday, the next thing that is... Continue Reading →

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