You Are Not Alone In Your Struggles

Each of us has a demon we are facing. For you, it may be anxiety, or body shame, or fear, or addictions, or grief, or deteriorating health. For me, my demon is worry and bitterness.

Sometimes, when I am in the midst of a worry episode or a time of deep bitterness, I forget that I have the gift of the Holy Spirit within me. The same Holy Spirit that scripture says that Jesus was full of. With this Holy Spirit comes power, not just beliefs and words, but the very thing that the Kingdom depends on. This is a power we can tap into.

My own ability to fight off worry and to close the loop on my bitterness is so weak and has very little to go on. But I am not left to my own ability and, in fact, God’s strength is most present in my weakness. In the words of the 77’s, “Your strength is in my weakness, when my weakness get a little strong.”

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When we are at our most frustrated and defeated, that is when we have little or no choice but to face the facts of our powerlessness. We have to embrace our weaknesses in order to fully experience the power of the Holy Spirit. The first two steps of Alcoholics Anonymous should be our practice as we face our demons. Step 1 is recognizing that we are powerless to defeat our strongest addictions and sins and negative behavior. Step 2 is acknowledging that there is a God that can restore us and provide the power to overcome the brokenness that has such a hold on us.

Trevor Hudson, in his book Seeking God, asks us to “imagine being vitally connected with this inner-power resource (the Spirit) as we face our daily temptations and trials. Knowing the availability of the Spirit’s loving power, we can freely admit our powerlessness in those areas where we are constantly defeated.” 

Just the tiniest bit of power from the Holy Spirit is strong enough to change us and the world around us. Do we believe this?

We are not meant to be controlled by our sins, mistakes, hangups, and fears. We are meant to live in the freedom that only Christ and the Holy Spirit can provide. Hudson provides this promise from Jesus, “Along the way, I will slowly transform you into the loving, compassionate, and generous person you were meant to be. My powerful Spirit will set you free from whatever enslaves you and will empower you to act on behalf of the common good.”

May this be so in my life and in yours as we overcome what enslaves us.

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