Why All That Time You Had During the Pandemic Didn’t Amount To Much

The need to sanctify each moment is a necessity in the Christian life. Sanctify is a stuffy word that means to make holy or set apart. 

Imagine if all that follow Jesus would have sanctified their time and commitments during the Coronavirus Pandemic. If we would have turned over our extended margins, our open schedules, and our solitude over to God for sanctification would we have grown and learned and found God in unexpected ways? Instead, many Christians doubled down on destructive social media behavior, got lost in the listlessness of the age, and lost connection to God and each other.

Photo by Kelly on Pexels.com

It is not just Sundays and church services that need to be made holy, it is each moment of our lives. We need to do, as John Eldredge says, “To give everyone and everything to God.” We yield to God’s will and way. We walk in his way come what may. 

To sanctify each moment to God we pray, “Father, may I want what you want. May I walk in your way. I invite you Father into this day in a special way. May everything I do or say be a reflection of your work in my life. May my activity and choices bring you glory and extend your love to those around me. This day and the events of the day belong to you, Father, may you make them holy and let me see what you can do with them for my benefit and the sake of your Kingdom.”

Make this day God’s by sanctifying it and turning it over to him. The alternative is to go about our days on our own and knocked around by our fickle preferences, moods, circumstances, and inconveniences. That is no way to live. God is there for you and your schedule today; turn it over to him.

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