The Difference Between An Average Christian and A Follower of Jesus

According to T.B. Maston, God’s will is our maximum fulfillment. This means that by choosing God’s direction we will not just be obedient and reap some kind of dutiful sense of accomplishment but actually be participating in the activity that will bring us exactly what we need for peace, joy, and happiness. 

The difference between an average Christian and one that is finding maximum fulfillment is that when the latter felt a divine tug towards something they did something about it. The average Christian ignores these promptings and begins to become callous to them. The average Christian then runs the risk of having their divine promptings be replaced by weak substitutes disguised as Christian activity. Their world may look devout but it is little more than adhering to a subculture ethic rather than the grand adventure that God is calling them to.

So many Christians reach the edge of a cliff in their spiritual life. Behind them is the perceived comfort of safety, societal acceptance, and convenience. But, over the edge of the cliff is a full, robust, adventurous, abandoned, trusting life that only Christ can bring. 

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As a young father and husband, I experienced a breakdown of depression and overwhelm. God used that experience to reveal himself to me and to show me what life in his kingdom can be. Out of that experience, I quit my job and moved my family from a comfortable way of life to the unknown of missions and ministry. God provided materially but he also brought to our family increased faithfulness, reliance on Him, deep relationships, and growth. 

Since then, life hasn’t always been easy but I have slowly learned to trust God’s purposes even if I can’t see past my dire circumstances. Each time, God has provided more than I can imagine and best of all has been with me as a constant presence. This is the best and safest place for me to be.

The next time God is calling you to do something don’t hesitate. Choose God’s way. You will not regret it.

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