Grown Up Decision Making

“How does your worldview, or belief system, affect your decision making?” 

I like this question because it is a very practical way of determining what people really believe. This question goes beyond mere words about belief and instead sheds light on whether an individual actually has beliefs that guide their actions. If I can’t point to my beliefs determining my choices then do my beliefs actually hold water? Perhaps I really believe something else.

For me, my Christian belief affects my decision making in at least these three aspects. 

First, my interpersonal relationships. If the decision I am making is going to be a detriment to another person instead of a blessing then I need to choose something else. The transformation that Christ has brought to my life allows me to not live in a constant state of self promotion. Others start to have a prominent place in my priorities. 

Second, my spiritual life. Is what I am deciding to do going to bring life to me or will it be drudgery and struggle? Life in this case does not equal ease. So much of our biggest accomplishments and greatest growth has come through struggles that are fulfilling and life giving. 

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Several years ago, I took over a position at work in the midst of chaos, loss, and controversy. It was the hardest decision I have had to make professionally to take on this role. I didn’t want it but once I caught the vision for what God wanted from the position and the purposes of my mission there, it became incredibly life giving and full of hope and promise. 

Third, the life of the kingdom. The Kingdom of God, according to Dallas Willard, is where what God wants done is done. To live in the Kingdom of God is to operate with God’s purposes in mind at all times. Will what I do help me to love God and love my neighbor more? If I take a job that pays more but doesn’t allow me to worship with a community of believers, am I loving God more? If I cut in front of someone in the grocery store am I loving them more? If God is bringing favor and righteousness to a group of people and I decide to bash them on social media for superficial reasons, am I aligning myself with the Kingdom of God?

Decision making is hard but when it comes out of a framework of Christian belief and practice then it has a vitality that can help satisfy our souls and bless other people.

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  1. Did you consider a paragraph about spending, Scott? If we spend as culture pushes us to do, are we feeding our own ego, or are we honoring Him? Somehow, i think you could do another blog about that – i’m thinking of your tv post. Thanks for sharing some of your innermost thoughts, observations, and even struggles here. Appreciate you, friend.

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