God Provides A Church When You Need It

I needed a church where I could soak in the love of God. 

I needed a church where I didn’t need to be a fresh, young volunteer prospect. 

I needed a church where I could participate in worship and the sacraments in a tangible and physical way.

I needed a church that valued scripture, not as an idol, but as a life giving force of revelation and strength.

I needed a church where I could cry, or be silent, or sit down, or seeth in anger and no one would be judging me.

I needed a church where my daughters could worship and see other Christians devoting themselves fervently to God. 

There was nothing wrong with the church I was coming from other than it wasn’t going to work with my troubled personal situation. I needed an oasis not the confines of the familiar. 

Redemption Story Church (previously Village Fort Worth) was just going about its business of restoring their own wounds and establishing a foundation of solid ministry when I showed up in such need. It was a fresh experience for me in many ways. 

Previously, worship had been something I had to survive to get to the sermon, now I was savoring every second of the music and singing; often with tears running down my face. And I can’t express how much the weekly communion was life giving to me. 

This church had us all walk to the front of the sanctuary to receive the bread and the cup. I loved the action of it. I didn’t want to be passive in those moments. I longed to participate in the process in a tangible way. To have a fellow disciple hand me a piece of bread and say, “The body of Christ broken for you,” and “The blood of Christ shed for you,” was the most profound part of my week. Yes, Christ was broken for me. Yes, his blood was shed for me and I am actively taking it and consuming the reality of it. It was so powerful. In the midst of great distress, I was reminded weekly of God’s great love for me in Jesus Christ.

The best sermons also moved me in special ways. I was broken and torn at the time and I needed frequent drops of truth stated in hopeful and life giving ways. The pastors at Redemption Story preached with conviction and earnestness that filled my heart and not just my head.

But, apparently, God had us at this church for just a short period of time. I have moved and traveling weekly to Redemption Story now is not feasible. Still, I will be forever grateful to have found a place that gave me a spiritual home when I felt homeless and lost. This church was a great gift to me.

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