5 Books That Helped Me Grow Up in 2021

A Burning in My Bones – I pray that Eugene Peterson’s life is still studied and revered 100 years from now. His life has so much to teach us. I was inspired, challenged, and encouraged throughout this book. 

Prayer in the Night – This book probably showed up in my blog posts more than any other book this year. Grief and pain and struggle is not sugar coated but embraced and immersed in the depths of scripture and prayer. I can relate to Warren’s Texas evangelical upbringing and her longing for something deeper and richer.

Let Justice Roll Down – The most ubiquitous and sad tactic in our politically charged times is to dismiss individual stories by easy labels and political vocabulary. I dare anyone to read this book about the early life and ministry of John Perkins and try to dismiss the horrors of racism and the message of Perkins’ ministry as not Gospel oriented or Biblically sound. 

The Return of the Prodigal Son – My blog posts kept coming back to the highlights of this book as well. I had read it many years ago but this time I didn’t miss seeing myself in the younger son but also the older son. Then, I was challenged to be more like the father.

Dirty Glory – This book details miracles and ministry breakthroughs that cannot be explained except for the power of the Holy Spirit and the great mercy of God. As my faith and spiritual life has been on the edge of crumbling these past few years it was good to read this book and see God still working in impossible ways.

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