The Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted

I want to tell you my opinion about Critical Race Theory, women in church leadership, social justice, Black Lives Matter, wearing masks, and getting vaccinated. But I am not going to. 

The minute I start talking about these hot button issues will be the minute the reader wants to put me in a box, label me this or that, ignore me or embrace me because of my opinion, and never really be open to hearing anything helpful about the matter. My words will put me in a camp of people and then all sorts of assumptions, mostly wrong, can be hurled at me and no one will listen to my words. I would quickly move from a reasonable person with reasonable ideas to whatever label for me that suits the reader’s desire to have it all figured out.

For the most part, I trust the readers of this blog to not fall into this kind of labeling and dismissive behavior but I am not willing to take that chance. Besides, I didn’t start this blog to write about the controversy of the week. I started this blog because I want to Grow Up to be like Christ and I desire that for others as well.

I wrote the following in 2012:

I blog because I know that there are thousands of Christians out there who think their status quo spiritual life is all there is and they don’t realize how accessible God can be with just a little bit of intentionality and effort…

I blog because there are a few people who actually read it and find it meaningful and beneficial.

I blog because the church needs committed believers who know God on a deep and experiential level. The church needs people who have been transformed by Christ to live like, for, and through Christ. If just small pockets of believers would begin to live transformed lives and produce the fruits of the spirit then they would have such a deeper impact than programs, campaigns, and theological debates.

I believe that the greatest need for social, political, and relational problems in our world is Jesus. Period. 

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In his divine purposes, he expects his followers to be like him enough to make a positive impact in the world. That requires great growth, maturity, commitment, surrender, and sacrifice. That is what I want to talk about on this blog. I want to talk about how those who are committed to Jesus can let him transform them into a new being. “I am crucified with Christ, and I no longer live but Christ lives in me.” There is no greater purpose than this pursuit of Growing Up. 

I want to love like Christ, pray like Christ, serve like Christ, teach like Christ, parent like Christ, lead like Christ and be like Christ. I will never be perfect but small progresses in these areas will make a huge difference and start to change the world around me. Sharing my opinions on issues will not help you or I Grow Up. It will just bring labeling, blind agreements or dismissiveness. 

What good would that do?

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