Everyone Has Got A Spiritual Life

I am being spiritually formed. You are being spiritually formed. We all are being spiritually formed. All the things about us that are not physical such as our emotions, our choices, and our thoughts make up our spiritual life. So even a person who has never heard of God has a spiritual life and is... Continue Reading →

Have You Had Your Holy Hug Today?

This may sound really weird and I may be the only one in the world who experiences this but I would like you to try an experiment. Today, when you take a hot shower, stand in front of the shower for a moment and take a deep breath. ┬áThen, just stand there and see how... Continue Reading →

Remember To Keep It Holy

It is Sunday, what are you doing on the computer? Turn it off and go rest, or go play with your kids, or go worship, or go get some fresh air. Unplug as much as possible and see what else God is doing in the world around you.

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