The Real Reason We Should Be Overflowing With Thankfulness

I invite you to stop what you are doing. Take a step back from your activity. Take a deep breath and think about all that you have to be thankful for. I don't even have to mention the usual list of health, family, and a roof over your head. What I want you to be... Continue Reading →

23 Things – Week 9: Sabbath

Week 9: Sabbath 20. Read this interview with Pastor and author of The Message, Eugene Peterson. 21. Sabbath accomplishes many things but the most beneficial is what it teaches us about time. See below: 1. Cultivates trust in God - Dallas Willard elaborates on this point, "When we come to the place where we can joyously "do no work" (Leviticus... Continue Reading →

Good Words

Article: Eugene Peterson - the Joyful Environmentalist Study: Internet addiction can cause brain damage. Blog:  Soulgardeners - a beautiful looking blog about spiritual formation and missions. Travel Destination:  Thorncrown Chapel Quote: "If you think of reading as a means of uploading data, then reading will ALWAYS seem too slow." ALan Jacobs

Good Words

Scot McKnight has developed a map of spiritual development   New Book: Bob and Joel Kilpatrick  discuss The Art of Being You Study: TV exposure causes much higher rates of eating disorders Dallas Willard goes in depth on the VIM pattern of change "The personal dimension of the gospel is good news about ourselves. The... Continue Reading →

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