Jesus Didn’t Die To Give You A Political Stance

I am fed up. I don't like to use this space for social and political commentary but recent events are crying for a different perspective, one that I thought I might be able to speak to. It seems that there is a misconception in American Christianity that the only way to live out your faith... Continue Reading →

Becoming A Student of Jesus

Considering the last post, I wanted to move forward in paths toward growth in Christlikeness. The first step is becoming a student of Jesus. We are students of many things and many people but are we a student of Jesus? Do we read scripture and learn from Jesus how to live? Do we pray and... Continue Reading →

Why Christian Spiritual Growth Matters.

Sometimes I wonder if what I am doing on this blog and in classes I teach on discipleship is mistaken. I ask myself if I am being too focused on self and am encouraging people to abandon global pursuits for personal pursuits that potentially have little meaning. Is my emphasis on personal spiritual growth just... Continue Reading →

3 Myths of Spiritual Growth

Have you made a New Year's Resolution? According to George Barna, only 19% of Americans are definitely planning on making resolutions ┬áin 2011 despite the fact that 61% have made resolutions sometime in the past. Barna's report also states that 49% of those who have made resolutions in the past have seen no lasting change.... Continue Reading →

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