Why I Think Differently About Worship

2017 was a very difficult year for me and the beginning of 2018 may have been even worse. So many Sundays, I would arrive at our church's worship beat down and jagged and angry. But in the practice of worship and in the participation with the transcendent, I would be reminded of God's glorious riches... Continue Reading →

Confessions Of A Christian Worshiper

I have a confession to make. I don't like church music. No, I am not trying to start a debate about worship styles, instruments, or lyrics. I basically have the same reaction during worship with an organ and a hymn book as I do with electric guitars and lyrics written last month. Church music and... Continue Reading →

23 Things – Week 8: Worship

Week 8: Worship 18. Watch John Ortberg and Dallas Willard discuss worship. Watch from theĀ 6:00 mark to the 13:00 mark 19. How often do we prepare for worship? One thing we can do is expect to meet God during worship. Next, we can pray for the worship leaders, that they may feel God's presence and... Continue Reading →

Giving As Spiritual Discipline

When I was in fourth or fifth grade, I would get my parents Living Bible translation with the green cover and read the Gospels. One day I came across the story about the poor lady who gave her measly two mites in the Temple and was highly praised by Jesus for giving sacrificially while he... Continue Reading →

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