Life, But With Godly Wisdom

A Psalm based on James 3:17-18 Father, give me heavenly wisdom because the wisdom of the world is bankrupt. Your wisdom is pure. The only thing that is pure in my life is my pure willingness to seek after my own plans. I need that peaceable wisdom because as a card carrying member of the... Continue Reading →

When We Are Asked To Be Wise

I went to Jury Duty yesterday. For most of my adult life, I have been able to get out of the responsibility or some technicality has prevented me from being exposed to the actual selection process. In the case that I was a possible juror in, both the prosecution and the defense spent an hour... Continue Reading →

A Fresh Approach To Growing Up

Part of what I try to do here on the Grow Up Blog is present a fresh approach to Christian living. I try to push the reader away from long standing guilt driven and unrealistic approaches to life with Christ. Along these lines is a book I have worked on periodically and submitted as a... Continue Reading →

Do Women Take To Spiritual Things More Than Men?

This weekend, I will be leading a men's retreat consisting of about 7 guys. I began thinking about how men approach spiritual matters and whether or not women approach the spiritual life more easily than men? Here are some of my observations: Women: enjoy talking more than men (making sharing fears, doubts, and struggles easier)... Continue Reading →

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