When Your Good News Is Not Good Enough

Scot McKnight says that, "If the gospel isn't about transformation, it isn't the gospel of the Bible." The gospel I see the most in churches is a reduction to mere statements of belief. Words are important and our beliefs need to be verbalized and stated confidently and with conviction. But, what we truly believe is... Continue Reading →

One Method of Praying The Scriptures

Long time readers will remember the theme of this year has been the Word of God. I have sought insight and guidance in the reading of scripture and worked to gain a greater appreciation and love for the Bible. Several books have helped me in this process, George Guthrie's Reading the Bible For Life and... Continue Reading →

23 Things – Week 4: Fasting

Week 4: Fasting 8. Read this interview with Scot McKnight on Fasting 9. Participate in a Week of Elimination. In the past, I have eliminated sports from my weekly schedule. If sports is not a distraction for you choose your most attractive guilty pleasure (TV shows, YouTube clips, blogs, Facebook, etc.) and eliminate it from your daily life for one... Continue Reading →

Christian Life Hacker Guide To Christmas

Christmas may be my favorite religious holiday. Why? Because it seems to be the only time when Evangelical Christians allow themselves to be spiritual. Most evangelical church services contain so much activity and noise that it is a wonder anyone can muster a spiritual thought. But at Christmas, no one seems to be freaked out... Continue Reading →

Good Words

Scot McKnight has developed a map of spiritual development   New Book: Bob and Joel Kilpatrick  discuss The Art of Being You Study: TV exposure causes much higher rates of eating disorders Dallas Willard goes in depth on the VIM pattern of change "The personal dimension of the gospel is good news about ourselves. The... Continue Reading →

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