As Giants Fall: Hybels, Patterson and the Lessons Learned

Some things I have learned about leadership and followership from watching the downfall of two giants among Evangelical Christians: Greatness in one area does not mean greatness in all areas. Success does not equal spiritual growth. Not all of your strong convictions are the right convictions. Just because your strong convictions were needed at one... Continue Reading →

Why I Am Not A Dad Blogger

I am a parent but I hardly write about parenting. I am a husband but I hardly write about marriage. I hold a managerial job but I haven't mentioned leadership on this blog. I am a member of a church but I barely mention church. I am a citizen of a democracy but I avoid... Continue Reading →

Three Marks Of A Spiritually Mature Leader

The university where I work recently conducted an inauguration service for a new President. It had all that you would expect; dignitaries representing important places and institutions, fancy clothes and regalia, grandiose music, and words of inspiration and acknowledgement. It also exemplified aspects of Growing Up that can be peculiar attributes of mature Christian leaders.... Continue Reading →

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