Being All In Is The Only Way

When was the last time you were fullhearted in anything? Halfheartedness seems to be the default mode for the modern American person. We have our laptop out while watching TV, our phones out while watching our kids games, music in while reading a book, and screens on while we eat. Do we ever just fully... Continue Reading →

5 Ways To Control Your Thought Life

My last post was on the importance of thinking about God. Today, I offer up five exercises that can help you turn your distracted mind into one that regularly thinks on God. 1. Count Your Breaths - Distracting thoughts are like a buzzing mosquito that keeps flying around your head. You try to ignore it... Continue Reading →

The Addicts Among Us

Addictions are for street people and celebrities and psychopaths, right? I admit that I am an information addict that was really messed up by the internet. No, I didn't stay up until 5 a.m. every night playing online games and I didn't neglect my family, at least not abusively. Part of what makes me decent... Continue Reading →

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