The Experience Is Wrapping Up But the Blessings Will Continue

The re-launch of this blog started in May of 2016. It was rebranded Grow Up and I began to talk about issues of Christian maturity and Christlikeness. Also, I wanted to raise some funding to complete the Apprentice Experience¬†(I should be in the picture from the link but I had left the day before the... Continue Reading →

Best of the Blog in 2017

This year has been the hardest and most meaningful year of my life. So many things, good and bad happened this year. I couldn't sum up the year in a few sentences, but my posts provide a diary of sorts to the ups and downs and the goodness of God. Spiritual Discovery If you are... Continue Reading →

Blogging In Crisis

How do you write when you would rather just sleep? How do you write when everyday you feel like you have just been run over by a bus? How do you write when you have been drained of every ounce of profundity or insight? How do you write when just getting up in the morning... Continue Reading →

Why I Am Not A Dad Blogger

I am a parent but I hardly write about parenting. I am a husband but I hardly write about marriage. I hold a managerial job but I haven't mentioned leadership on this blog. I am a member of a church but I barely mention church. I am a citizen of a democracy but I avoid... Continue Reading →

One Thing

What is your one thing? I have thought a lot about what this blog's one thing should be. What is one message that I would like to get across to whoever happens to find my blog? I am not a theologian so I would fail if I tried to argue doctrine and the like.¬†I am... Continue Reading →

Why I Blog

I blog because I like to write and the regiment of a blog is good practice. I blog because I get tired of reading "look at me I can write about hermeneutics" theological pieces that are more about impressing people or starting debates than it is about helping people or God's kingdom. I blog because... Continue Reading →

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