Christian Life Hacker – 23 Things

Here is the entire list of the 23 Things. I hope you discovered some new practices and ideas that you hadn't been exposed to before. Feel free to share the 23 Things with your small groups and disciple groups. Congratulations to Cary Jester who commented on the most items and wins the free book. Thanks... Continue Reading →

Concluding 23 Things

Shortly, I will post the complete list of the 23 Things all in one post. If you haven't already, you can still go through the 23 Things and comment on each post. If you comment on each post you will be eligible to win a Free Book. I will draw next week. If you are... Continue Reading →

23 Things – Week 6: Service

Week 6: Service 13. Read Philippians 2:3-11. What is one way that you could humble yourself today in a tangible way? 14. Make a list of ways that your church is reaching out to its community? Are there areas in the community that are not being reached? 15. Read this excerpt from a commencement address... Continue Reading →

What I Love About The Bible

If you have been following this blog for long, then you know that 2012 has been "The Year of the Word." I have tried to study, read, listen, study, and read the Bible with the intent of becoming a more devoted user of scripture. Here are a few things I have grown to love about... Continue Reading →

23 Things – Week 3: Prayer and Meditation

Week 3: Prayer and Meditation 5. Explore what Henri Nouwen has to say about prayer 6. Have some fun with your prayers and Pray in Color 7. Learn what makes Christian Meditation different from Eastern Meditation This is week three of 23 Things. See last week’s post for the first four things and an introduction to 23 Things. If you... Continue Reading →

Introducing 23 Things

23 Things is a learning phenomenon within the circles in which I work. To keep up with trending technologies and to train those that are somewhat leery of new web movements, a librarian developed 23 Things to introduce these technologies and to give participants the opportunity to develop new skills and apply internet based tools... Continue Reading →

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