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We are willing to do so many extreme things in our life to better our situation. We leave home to attend college or join the military. We don’t just start running we sign up for a race that includes mud, fire, and unmentionable hazards. We cut up our credit cards and live off of ramen noodles and beans. We camp out for days so our kids can transfer to a better school.

Why haven’t we made such grand gestures for our Christian Life? What about your life with Christ reflects your willingness to sacrifice to go deeper so that you can experience God in a more personal and profound way? Don’t you think that taking some drastic measure in the name of growing up in Christ would have more lasting benefit than the hard things we are willing to do for our education, health, and family finances?

The Experience

I believe that in order for me to “go deep, I first must go big.” This is why I am making the “grand gesture” to join a two-year journey in Christian discipleship called the Apprentice Experience. * Under the tutelage of master teachers in Spiritual Formation and a format that stresses practical application and community, I hope to expand my experience and knowledge of Christ’s kingdom work.

Grow Up

So What!?!

Would things be different in our families, churches, careers, society, and country if men and women who called themselves Christians put a priority on becoming the Christlike versions of themselves they were called to be?

The Solution

I want to be a part of the solution and I believe that if I can grow up in Christ and have the tools and skills to help others do the same, I will have a lasting impact. The more individual Christians can be models of what true Christian transformation looks like, the more influence they will have on culture as a whole.

The Apprentice Experience, for me, is my continuing education in Christlikeness and a resource for me to help others see the potential that is waiting for them with Christ. I hope to let this experience inform my own efforts in teaching, mentoring, discipleship, and ministry.

Be A Partner

Won’t you partner with me on this journey by helping me raise enough money for participation in the program. I plan to raise a total of $5,500 to help cover the cost of the Experience plus travel costs to the four on-site retreat locations. Initially, I will need $1,333 by October to begin the program.

I don’t want this to just be about me. I will be chronicling what I am learning through the experience at my blog. This way, readers and others may gain some insights that might benefit their growth in Christlikeness. For updates and notifications about the blog please email

What You Will Get

Also, I want my partners to receive a token of my appreciation for their support.

By contributing you will receive the following:

At least $25 – The Grow Up Playlist full of songs that have helped me in my spiritual life.

At least $50 – A sample chapter of an eBook I worked on a few years ago called More of Christ, Less of Everything Else.

At least $75 – A resource pack full of the list of tools that I use to grow closer to God.

At least $100 – A short eBook that I am creating called the Devotional Lives of Famous Christians.

“More than that, I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.” – Phil. 3:8

Donation Page

*For more about grand gestures, see Cal Newport’s book, Deep Work.