The Practice

What intentions have you put towards getting closer to Christ today? Does your rhythm of life demonstrate a dedication and devotion to Jesus? What rituals or practices do you participate in on a weekly basis? How does your followership to Jesus affect your decision making and the purposes you live by?

Your answers to these questions say more about your Christian life than a list of beliefs you can write on a piece of paper or post on Facebook.

The Christian life is not just belief but a practice.

Jesus practiced daily prayer; he commonly went to the synagogue; he spent time in solitude and silence; he celebrated and fellowshipped with people devoted to God; he served the sick and the lame. What if we just started to follow his example and practice just these things in our own life? What difference would that make?

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Can you commit to a daily prayer time? Can you commit to worship with other believers? Can you take moments of solitude for the purposes of being with Jesus? Can you practice celebration for the benefit of your soul and those around you? Can you find ways to serve others? 

This is the Christian life. 

The Christian life is not self righteous finger pointing online; not social circles that happen to be in a church; not the next overhyped program or church event; not the latest conservative parenting trend.

Today, start to take an inventory of your days and weeks and begin to identify those practices or activities that mirror what Jesus did. Also, weed out any activity that draws you away from the God you see in the gospels. Finally, really talk to God about the current religious practices that you have and ask him to show you the ones that truly bring something rich and meaningful and the ones that are little more than window dressing in your life. 

Find those authentic practices and let these activities and the fruits that come from them testify to your faith. 

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