The God Who Sees Me

A few months back, I was struggling with disappointment and battling doubt and uncertainty.

One morning during this time, I opened up the Daily Prayer app and came across the reading for that day – Genesis 16 and the story of Hagar. As I read, this line jumped out at me, “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “Here I have seen the One who sees me!”

Just a few minutes later, I opened up a book called Be Kind To Yourself by Cindy Bunch. One page into my reading, Bunch begins to discuss Genesis 16 and says:

“When I have been mistreated unjustly or cast out in some sense by others, I have found it helpful to place myself in this scene(with Hagar), finding myself in the presence of an angel of God in a pleasant oasis in the midst of the desert. I have never heard the whole story of my future as Hagar did, but I am reminded that God sees me and knows me intimately.”

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I am not the kind of Christian who thinks that everything that happens to me is a sign from God but I was struck by the repetition and serendipity of this moment. In the span of 10 minutes, I had heard the same passage from two completely different sources and the context and emphasis couldn’t have been more plain to me. God obviously wanted me to know that he is the one that sees me. He obviously wanted me to be paying attention to how he sees me and like Hagar, what he might be doing around me that will demonstrate this seeing and knowing.

Shortly thereafter, some unexpected things came into my life that were fulfilling and joyful. I try not to be spiritually dramatic but God seemed to be up to something and it was much needed and a precious gift to me.

You may be dealing with your own set of problems and are wondering where God is and why circumstances have transpired as they have. Remember the story of Hagar and know that God sees you, delights in you, is out for your good. 

You can see the One who sees you.

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