Jesus Can Handle Your Questions

Nicodemus questions Jesus. The Rich Young Ruler has a question he needs answered. The disciples question how to pray, the meaning of parables, and an assortment of misunderstandings of Jesus’ teachings.

Jesus spends so much of his time being quizzed and questioned. The Pharisees keep trying to trap him, the disciples are consistently not getting it, and even Pilate at the last moments of Jesus’ life has a question for Jesus. Do you feel comfortable asking Jesus a question? Why or why not? Do you think Jesus wouldn’t like your question? Do you think Jesus wouldn’t like you for asking that question?

Put aside your limited narratives surrounding Jesus and bring your questions to Jesus and let him show you the answers. It seems to be one of Jesus’ favorite things to do. To be a disciple of Jesus is partly to ask him questions. That is how he teaches and how we learn from him.

In academic research, you have a research problem that creates a research question that presents an answer to the question. The gospels show us over and over the research problems those surrounding Jesus found themselves in and the path to the answer is not solely through Jesus’ answer but through himself.

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Here are some questions it is okay to ask Jesus:

Who can be saved?

What is truth?

How do we pray?

Who are you?

Are you the king?

Have you not heard?

How much longer?

Where were you?

Can you heal me?

What about him or her?

Can you remove this cup from me?

Can anything good come from Nazareth?

Where else can I go but to you?

Why couldn’t I drive the demon out?

And a thousand more.

Jesus can handle our questions and welcomes them. What will you ask Jesus?

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