I Do This Most Mornings. What Do You Do?

My morning spiritual routine is never static. I tweak it and change it to meet my current work schedule or physical or family priorities. I have written about it before but what I do currently is something different. 

I thought I would share my routine with you so that it might give you some ideas on how you can work in a vibrant devotional life and still exercise, ease into the day, and make due with what you have. This is not prescriptive because you may not want to do all of this in the morning and that is fine. Take what is helpful for you and ignore the rest.

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4:50 – Alarm goes off and I hit snooze.

4:59 – Get up and make my bed and put on my running clothes

5:11 – Piddle around trying to wake up

5:20 – Stretch and warm up

5:25 – Start workout (Each workout includes a run which is where I do my meditating and praying)

5:35 – 1. As I begin my run, I say the Samuel Prayer, “Speak Lord, your servant is listening,” about 3-4 times. 

2. Then, I count my breaths to 10 as I try to focus on God and get my mind prepared for prayer.

3. Then, I say the Jesus Prayer, “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner,” about 10 ten times. I need these prayers to eliminate distraction and give me something to anchor the rest of my time in prayer. 

4. Finally, I begin praying over the things going on in my life. Sometimes my prayers are more conversational but sometimes I walk through the following, “Father, may your will be done with _____________. May ____________ be well. May ________ find Joy and Peace. May _________ know the extent of your love for them.”

5. I pray like this until it is time for me to turn around and head back to the house. On the second half of the run, I listen to podcasts. Some may be of a spiritual or personal growth nature but sometimes the episodes are just for entertainment. 

6. As part of my cool down, I will read ten minutes of a book with a spiritual life/Christian living focus. Currently, I am reading Prayer in the Night by Tish Harrison Warren.

6:30 – I begin to get ready for the day. I cue up the daily devotional on the Lectio 365 app or listen to a chapter of scripture through Dwell or Streetlights. This takes 10-12 minutes and I do it while I am laying my clothes out, shaving, or getting dressed. After my shower, I will finish listening to the devotional or start another podcast such as The Next Right Thing or Things Above.

This seems convoluted and scattered but it works well for me. Besides the 10 minute reading time, I am actually on the move or doing two things at once. I wouldn’t recommend this to everyone and I wish that I had more time in my day to sit and think and meditate but this allows me to take care of my physical fitness while also addressing my spiritual needs. Two things that are very important to me.

What does your morning routine look like? Are you avoiding prayer or scripture reading or devotional reading because you don’t have time? Try including these things as you workout, commute, prepare dinner, or wait to pick up your kids. It still counts and can be used by God to transform you into Christlikeness. There is no wrong way of doing this other than abandoning these disciplines all together. Find a way that works for you.

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