Our Future Depends On The Spiritual

There is a theory that our civilization is at its most historically precarious existence at this very moment. 

This Hinge of History theory considers human’s current capacity to destroy ourselves, the all encompassing future of AI, the still present ability to reverse some of our wrongs such as climate change, and the mounting global crisis and posits that if we don’t prioritize the right things in our society over the next 50 to 100 years then we could be on the current road to obliteration. 

Hinge of History theorists state that if we wait to solve some of our problems then it could be too late. That we, as a species, must act now at this hinge in history.

In what I have read about the Hinge of History idea there is very little said about the spiritual side of our existence. This dumbfounds me. Despite the tendency of scientists and even philosophers to favor the physical over the spiritual it doesn’t change the fact that every person who ever existed and will ever exist has a spiritual life. From the child in the slums of India to the billionaire in Malibu, everyone of us has a spiritual life – this non-physical side that governs our decision making, gives us hope, establishes meaning, and directs our character. 

What are we doing with this spiritual life and what is the future of our existence if the spiritual is not made a priority?

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God is an active agent in our existence. He creates, sustains, moves, changes, and transforms his creation and his people. Reading the Psalms has shown me the priority of God as shield and protector. Still, he lets human beings make their own choices and shape their own existence and develop their own solutions to problems. 

God has supreme power over the universe yet he wants to partner with his creation to manage it. Our best way to manage this world and our lives is through the power of Christ in our lives. This side of Christ’s return, a way for God to be a factor in society is through individuals who claim Christ as Lord bringing him with them into their board meetings, city councils, laboratories, hospitals and places of government. And where does God operate with the individual? At the point of their spirit, their heart, their mind and will. A non-Christian or a Christian that has not Grown Up, doesn’t  bring Christ into their complicated existence because their spiritual side has not been transformed and renovated. Their lack of Growing Up prevents Christ from showing up in the fullest way possible and that is catastrophic for our existence.

As we face this Hinge of History, however significant it may or may not be, we must Grow Up and become more like Christ. We must prioritize the spiritual over the pragmatic, discipleship to Christ over discipleship to power, and wisdom over intelligence. Our very existence could be at stake.

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