What I Deserve

In a type of closing ceremony, on the final day of the final gathering of the Apprentice Experience in Sierra Madre, California, each of the participants got to say a few words about their experience in the program and then received a certificate. Here is what I said:

I don’t deserve the gift that AE has brought me. I don’t deserve the strong spiritual friendships that I received through our small groups and connections that I have made. I don’t deserve the chance to wrestle with such important issues and ideas that were taught by such strong teachers. But, God isn’t interested in what we deserve, he is interested in what He can provide. Thank God for his abundant and generous provision.


2 thoughts on “What I Deserve

  1. I think it was challenging for everyone to keep their statement within the “only a few sentences” rule. But the brevity made them more powerful – like your last blog!

    Thanks Superman. Oh, I forgot. You’re back in Texas. Thanks Clark.

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