Some Random Thoughts As I Head To Wichita

Gathering 2 of the Apprentice Experience starts today. When we met back in November, the themes of the week and all of our readings leading up to the week were on Narratives and The Gospel. This Gathering is on Spiritual Growth and Development. We have read books about Shame, about Self Deception, and have discovered our Enneagram number (I am somewhere between and 5 and a 6).


Leading us will be some of the same teachers but we will also be joined by Curt Thompson, the author of the book on Shame that we read. I am interested to see how God moves through this week. While our first gathering made me get real with my own personal narratives and how they have shaped my life and I discovered ways I have distorted the Gospel, I have a feeling that Gathering 2 will force me to go deeper and be more open to ways I need to change. I pray that I will discover blind spots to my growth so that nothing will block me from Christ’s transforming power.

The last few months have been intense emotionally and I just hope and pray that this week will allow me to find some rest and respite from that intensity. But I don’t just want a break, I want a Grow Up experience. May you pray for me that God’s will may be done in my life during this week.

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