Satan’s Role In Hindering My Spiritual Growth

Here is one thing I think but have not said:

That Satan possesses people for small moments to disrupt my spiritual growth. I have learned to see this a part of the process of Growing Up but early on, I wasn’t always able to handle this.

What will happen is that I will have a really rich time with God, usually in the mornings, and my whole perspective will change as I see God’s work in my life. My desire in these moments is to live a transformed, Christ-filled existence, and in the joy of those times, I see and have faith that it will happen, even that morning.

Then, sometime during the day, I am met with such difficulty and frustration coming from other people that it doesn’t just make me doubt the progress that I have made but makes me want to abandon it altogether. The people involved have seemed to be directed to point out and state the one thing that day that would send me reeling away from the progress I have made. It is almost like clockwork. But now, I have learned to expect it and prepare for it  and see it for what it is – a strategy by Satan to counter my growth.

So, if you are just dabbling in Growing Up and are just starting to make progress, let me warn you of these moments. May you be prepared for them and know that you have done nothing wrong unless you let these people or these moments get the best of you. Start to see them, not as trying moments, but as badges of honor to demonstrate to you that you must be doing something right.

Keep Growing Up. Satan doesn’t like it and wants to hinder any progress towards Growth. Trust me, you can withstand these attacks and be stronger when you do.

Look at this passage and see what comes after perseverance. Godliness is possible, through the power of Christ, but it is essential that we find our way through these attacks in order to reach our goal of Growing Up.


3 thoughts on “Satan’s Role In Hindering My Spiritual Growth

  1. How did you come to understand this scheme specifically? Can you flesh it out a bit more for me? I relate to the experience, and if you can, I’d like to hear the journey or your realization.

    1. I am hesitant Kiel because I am generally cautious about the sensational aspects of Satan and his handiwork. I wouldn’t even call what I experience Spiritual Warfare as in demons and such. It is more of words and attitudes I face almost immediately after real spiritual progress. I only began to recognize it in the last few years as I grew more confident in the work of Christ in my life. I think before, I would let these things bring doubt and hesitancy and lead to frustration or complete shut down of the progress I had made. Now, I see it for what it is and learn to expect it and prepare for it. I see it now as an important part of my growth. I hope that helps…

      1. It does help, thank you. That, in broad terms is similar to my own experience. Mostly it is a war of suggestions and images that vie for attention in my mind.

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