When God Came Near

I remember when I first truly felt the comfort of God. When I really had a sense of his presence. It wasn’t during a triumphant worship service or some rousing sermon.

I was a middle schooler, laying in my bed with the lights out. I was dreading the next day like I had dreaded many of the days before this. The guys I hung around with at school, the ones that were supposed to be my friends, constantly criticized me for every imaginable thing I did. They bullied me and made my life miserable. I have always been sensitive, too sensitive, and much of this was too much for me to take. I just wanted this to end.


In those moments in the dark, God came close and provided deep comfort and reassurance of his love for me. I knew that I was not alone and that life was going to be better because he was with me and believed in me and knew what I was going through. The sense of God’s presence during those times was so unexpected, so right on time, and so needed. When people talk about the reality of God in their life and tell their story of God’s presence, I think of these times, alone in my room.

These are the kind of God moments that strengthen my faith, that encourage me, that inspire me to do and be more; to Grow Up.

I have the knowledge that in my deepest need, God comes close and pours out his love for me.

Do you have that kind of knowledge of God?


photo credit: michelle brea


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