The Posts I Remember The Most From 2016

Eight months of writing has been incredibly rewarding. Writing has focused my thoughts and made me accountable to how I live my life. It has made me more observant to the work of Christ in my own life and those around me. Here are some of my favorite posts over the last eight months.

The time I lost a good friend of mine to alcoholism. How was I supposed to write about that? Here was my attempt.

My plan for men’s ministry seems too simple but I think there is something profound in the idea.

My tribute to my Dad was important for me to write and even inspired my Dad’s pastor to use it in a video devotional.

I tried to stay out of politics, but I made my points here and here.

Fund raising does not come natural to me, I think this was my best attempt.

Here is where I admit that I never had a girlfriend until I met my wife and that my flirting game was non-existent.

God is doing something significant through prayer because I couldn’t help but write about it and since I wrote it, I keep getting the topic brought up. Stay tuned.

I enjoyed writing my Alien perspective on Christmas.

The most significant thing I learned from Gathering 1 of the Apprentice Experience.

I need this daily reminder to not be afraid.

My favorite spiritual exercise was a surprise to me.

I was proud to write this about a Spiritually Mature Leader.

Back to the basics of Growing Up.

If you have told Jesus to go away recently, there is still hope.

Maybe we should abstain from more Bible Study.

Jesus’ “Wait! There’s more” moments.

My case for why Christians should Meditate.

The great turn that our churches and ourselves need.

The Curse of Long Time Church Attendance

We need Hard Christianity.

I would like to thank those of you who read regularly and have given me feedback on the blog. I enjoy writing enough that I would probably do it even if no one was reading, but it is always nice to know that others are checking on the blog.

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