Books, Songs, Podcasts and Articles That Helped Me Grow Up in 2016

2016 was a signpost year for me and my family and one that I will look back on for many reasons. The following items helped me interpret, work through, and Grow Up in 2016.

I am not with it enough to have items exclusively from 2016, but all of the items below are things I did or was exposed to in 2016. These aren’t just things I consumed and enjoyed this past year but things that were inspiring and even life changing.



Didn’t He Ramble – Glen Hansard

Hansard combines the best sounds and vibes of Gospel, Folk, and Singer-Songwriter efforts into a wonderfully moving and uplifting album. He seems to treasure the sacred of every day things. That is a gift.


Election Day 2016: Lord, Teach Us To Pray…Today

A great reminder of the endless possibilities and responsibilities we have as Christian citizens of this world.

Why I Can’t Vote For Either Trump of Clinton

‘When people hurt, I know hurt’: An airport chaplain mourns his 10-year-old son

Why I Offer Free Prayer In A Coffee Shop

May my efforts in ministry be as simple and needed as this guy’s experiment.


Mark Batterson – Draw The Circle

Scot McKnight – King Jesus Gospel

A biblical case for a “Gospel culture” over a “Salvation culture.”

Richard Foster – Sanctuary of the Soul

What Batterson’s book did for my prayer life, Foster’s book did for my practice of meditation. I blame this book and its practices for even starting this blog up again.


Traveling Unfamiliar Pathways: An Advent, Christmastide, and Epiphany Devotional. Renovare



Stations of the Cross

I am not Catholic, and don’t even know the exact purpose of the Stations in the Catholic tradition. All I know is that the hour I spent walking through the Stations at The Spiritual Life Center in Wichita, Kansas was one of the most powerful times with God I have ever had. The experience was life changing.


Your Mom Has A Blog Podcast

I have had trouble finding good Christian podcasts. They either are two theology heavy or just talk about current events and politics. This podcast, from Chad and Melissa Edgington, is a simple snapshot of a Christian couple trying to remain faithful in the midst of marriage, parenting, and ministry. Funny and refreshing.

Building A Story Brand

I can be a sucker for the Success Industry but this podcast had the right balance of self and others and spreading good will that I was able to get many insightful bits of inspiration for ministry, blogging, and work.

Podcast Episodes

Meeting God in Scripture – Jan Johnson (Renovare Weekly Podcast)

Johnson was one of our speakers at the Apprentice Experience. She is a delightful person with a lot of spunk and compassion for others. This episode demonstrates that spunk and reminds us that Scripture can’t just be studied.


Chapter 3, “What Jesus Knew: Our God-Bathed World”. Divine Conspiracy – Dallas Willard

If you want to have your view of God and Jesus revolutionized, read this chapter. I had read it many years ago and had forgotten how amazing it was.

Chapter 2, “We All Need More Love Than We Deserve.” The God Who Won’t Let God – Peter Van Breeman

What are we wired for and what is God uniquely capable of providing for us?


Casual Party – Band of Horses

When I first heard the 77s song, “You Walked In The Room,” I couldn’t imagine a song capturing the emptiness and banality of youth culture any better. This song is the same theme except for 40 year olds. Don’t worry, if you just want a rockin’ toe tapper, this will do the trick as well.


The Role of Faith in Prayer – Dallas Willard

“Prayer is a conversation with God about what you are both doing together.”


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