Why Righteousness Is A Really Good Idea

We were studying Psalm 23 during our week in Kansas and the following statement was made, “Righteousness is a really good idea.”

This statement made me pause. Sure righteousness is required, is provided by God, is the goal of faith but how is it a really good idea?

The verse that sparked this conversation was this: “God leads me in paths of righteousness for his namesake.”

First, righteousness is something that is God led. Our own paths of righteousness will be dead ends. We need God to lead us on the right path. So, righteousness is a really good idea because it is God driven.


Second, he leads me in paths, not just a path. This means that there will be much leading and many more paths than what I am experiencing right now. Also, it could mean multiple paths right now. I am not talking about multiple beliefs but choices that are set before me have the potential for good and with God’s leading, will be righteous. Many of the college students that I have encountered are paralyzed by major decisions because they fear that if they make the wrong choice, God will not be with them. Sometimes you just need to make a choice and know that Christ is with you in that path and that this decision will be righteous because Christ is there.

Third, these paths of righteousness are for God’s glory and not my own. So, a good test of righteousness is whether it brings glory to God and his name. If our choices and actions are all about me and draw attention to me than I am operating from my own path and not God’s. Our righteousness is for our benefit and God’s glory.

So, righteousness is a good idea because it is God driven, is ongoing, and brings glory to God and not myself.

May you seek after God’s really good idea today.


photo credit: tciriello

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