“Are You Happy With The Person You Are Becoming?”

Last week had a little bit of everything. 29 people from all corners of the country converged on Wichita, Kansas for five days of study, worship, reflection, direction, fellowship, celebration, conviction, relationship developing, and encouragement.Some of us were pastors, some of us were lay people, some needed deep restoration and healing, some were working toward a degree, and some were just curious about all of this Spiritual Growth stuff.

No matter our particular situation, all of us were struck by this question that kicked off the week: Am I happy with the person I am becoming?


There wasn’t one person out of the 29 that I think was satisfied with their answer to that question. So much of our quest through the week was to start to piece together a vision of ourselves that matched Christ’s vision for us.

For myself, God began to show me what true trust looks like. I also began to let go of past situations and decisions that have often prevented me, in the present, from listening to God. Because of these situations and decisions I had become too ashamed and disappointed in myself and lacked confidence that God truly wanted to speak to me.

What about you? Are you happy with the person you are becoming? Let me tell you that you don’t have to fly hundreds of miles or take a week off from your life to begin letting Christ transform and change you. Christ wants to help you Grow Up. He will show you what that might look like and then will give you opportunities for learning, spiritual exercises, and time with Him. It will be a process and there are no short cuts but you can live the life to match Christ’s vision for you.

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2 thoughts on ““Are You Happy With The Person You Are Becoming?”

  1. I’m a little surprised at your response to the question. I certainly am satisfied with the person I am becoming. That doesn’t mean I am satisfied with who I am today as the final version of me. But it does mean I’m surprised to have advanced as far as I have. Progressing in this good thing we call spiritual transformation is more about celebrating our successes than being frustrated with our short comings, I think.

    The word “becoming” at the end of the question makes all the difference for me. Lop that word off and you’ll get a different response from me and a different Gospel, I believe, as well. Leave it on and “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” becomes a living reality.

    Sure there’s work to be done. But I wasn’t disappointed when my kids learned how to crawl. I celebrated. And I think Jesus is celebrating the person you are becoming with no disappointment and no condemnation as well. “Look, he’s trying to take his first step!”

    1. That is a good reminder Kris. One of my goals with the blog is to present spiritual formation as doable and an opportunity to build on small successes. These small successes lead to bigger wins. One of the marks of maturity in all of this is our willingness to trust that Christ knows what he is doing and that the goal is not for us to be Christ but to be the Christ that he would be if he were I. My frustrations with what I was becoming was just a realization that I had some work to do. Grow, evaluate, try something new, then grow some more and repeat the process.

      Thanks for your comments. They help me clarify my thinking.

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