My Favorite Exercise

If you would have asked me in 2000 what my favorite spiritual discipline would be 16 years later, I would venture the following guesses: solitude and silence or journaling or simplicity or service. These seemed to fit better with my natural personality and interests.

It turns out that my favorite soul-training exercise is scripture memorization and recitation. This surprised me too.


Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have the entire New Testament memorized or even large chunks memorized but I do have several verses as well as important sections down to memory. But just the act of memorization hasn’t been the only reward, the recitation of these verses has been the transforming element.

If you put me in a tight, awkward, nerve-wracking social spot, you can probably hear me muttering Psalm 23 or the Jesus Prayer. If you see me in better moments of worship, I have probably just recited Galations 2:20 in my head. If I am on a run and need a pick me up, I will start speaking the Lord’s Prayer or Philipians 3:10-11.

I have fended off powerful temptation by speaking the Beatitudes until the temptation fades away. Colossians 3 is a powerful reminder of where my mind, heart, and actions should be focused. I have most of this in my memory.

It is not just scripture I have memorized but powerful statements spoken by the church for the last 2,000 years. Stripped of its denominational baggage, the Apostles Creed tells the story, the gospel, of Jesus, and it has impacted me tremendously.

The best part of the memorization is how these verses and sacred words always seem to bubble up right when I need them to as reminders and markers to who God is and who I am under him.

If you have never given scripture memorization a shot, try one of the following verses. I like to read the verse five times, then write the verse five times, and then take 2-3 words and then see if I can recite them five times. Then the next day, I build off of what I memorized the day before. Give it a shot.

Matthew 9:12-13

Galations 2:20

1 Samuel 16:7

Psalm 46:10

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Exercise

  1. I been following your journey, and I love the transparency, the truth about subject of progressive sanctification. After being a Christian (carnal for most of my walk) I know, how I can beat myself up because I look in the mirror and see myself not measuring up a… However, instead of saying what I am not, all the time in my Christian walk. I am beginning to confess my real position in Christ… The real Me (in Christ). I am realizing a God size perspective of who I am in Christ. Yes, I am lazy, Yes I procrastinate, Yes I buy to many things I don’t need, Yes I try to find the easy way out, Yes I have stereotypes. The list is growing shorter, but will never be totally Gone… I recently wrote this to sum up what I am say….. Sinning, Hey sometimes it happens..Its never intentional, God is not surprised by anyone’s sin. He is never frustrated at me. He lavishes His love on me. Jesus atoning death on the cross, paid the price of all sin, then he does something wonderful He imputes His Sons righteousness to my account. In other words God accepts me as I am, adopted me, I am a Child of God! I no longer have the fear of non acceptance of myself by me and others… Because God accepts me on account of what Jesus did for me. Paid the full price of my sin… This song resonates with me.
    I want to donate 10.00 dollars a month and when I get to the level of where I can get your book, will you send it to me?
    Thanks for sharing your journey.
    I hope and pray, That God would grant you clarity of minds, and feet to spread the Gospel and Make disciples of all Nations.
    Love Brother Marv

    1. Marv,

      Thanks for reading and for sharing your own story. I am inspired by the work God is doing in your life. The Lord is so gracious to us, and longs for us to grow in our love and knowledge of him. You are on your way. I will be in touch about sending some of my materials with you.



      1. Have you ever consider paypal for donations, a person can set up a schedule, and it makes it real convenient.

      2. At this time, I only use the Generosity page and they do not support PayPal. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you so much for your willingness to give. I appreciate it.

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