10 Blessings For 10 Straight Days

The Soul Training exercise associated with the latest chapter of The Good and Beautiful God is to count your blessings. Smith asks you to try to come up with 10 things God has blessed you with and then see if you can keep going and come up with 100 blessings from God.

I decided to make it a part of my daily meditation and come up with 10 things for 10 straight days. I completed my list a few days ago and thought I would share it with you. Hopefully, this will inspire you to make your own list.


What has been most helpful about this exercise is how it has opened my eyes to a wide range of goodness around me. My default mentality is often to feel sorry for myself and dwell on what I am missing or still need to obtain. This exercise made me see that almost everything around me is a blessing and that God is incredibly generous and looking out for me.

One thing you will notice about my list is that it is full of mundane, maybe even somewhat silly things. I intentionally tried to not list my family members because those are obvious and would keep me from noticing blessings that I would often overlook.

So, as you make your own list, don’t feel the need to be super spiritual. Sometimes it is the smallest things that provide just the right amount of joy and whimsy that helps remind us of God’s goodness.

My list of 100 blessings from God:

  1. good night’s sleep
  2. UME Prep
  3. Texas Rangers
  4. blogging
  5. DBU
  6. books
  7. Dallas Willard
  8. Michael Roe
  9. Green Tea
  10. less pain
  11. teaching opportunity
  12. my church
  13. running
  14. podcasts
  15. yoga
  16. lighter temperatures
  17. recent days spent with my parents
  18. music
  19. common sense
  20. Texas
  21. good hugs
  22. my car
  23. Olympics
  24. education
  25. Tim
  26. friendship
  27. marriage
  28. good memory
  29. meditation
  30. morning
  31. my job
  32. our house
  33. Henry
  34. Abilene
  35. swimming pools
  36. my mind
  37. bananas and grapes
  38. basketball
  39. the trail
  40. camping
  41. Grace’s 17 years
  42. chocolate milk
  43. accomplishing work tasks
  44. good stories
  45. start of school
  46. healing
  47. beds
  48. mowing
  49. air conditioning
  50. learning
  51. being with my wife
  52. internet
  53. showers
  54. churches
  55. scripture
  56. forgiveness
  57. patience
  58. dancing
  59. medicine
  60. children
  61. parents
  62. date nights
  63. cool evenings
  64. God’s love
  65. breakfast
  66. Eric Nadel
  67. worship
  68. Ben
  69. Joey
  70. Aaron
  71. no teeth were pulled
  72. mashed potatoes
  73. answered prayer
  74. my students
  75. The Mother Hips
  76. Dad
  77. fatherhood
  78. Leah
  79. My mom
  80. opportunities for growth
  81. surviving the first two days
  82. information
  83. night sky
  84. nature
  85. my office
  86. dinner’s at home
  87. Dr. Kiker
  88. Anthony
  89. Chad
  90. travel
  91. Leah’s job
  92. good customer service
  93. generous gifts
  94. Adrian Beltre
  95. Pocket
  96. Audible
  97. Mrs. Roszak
  98. Dr. Barcelo
  99. insurance
  100. baseball

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