My Favorite Songs For Experiencing God

In 2012, I wrote the following: “I think that I would be less of a person if I did not have music in my life. And I also think that God uses music to reach us because to experience music is to participate in something that is more than just an intellectual exercise or a rational exchange but a spiritual activity… I also find that when I am enjoying music the most is also when I am most in tuned to God and his inspiration.”

I still believe this today, so I decided to create a playlist full of 12 songs that have helped me in my attempts to Grow Up. Music is a very subjective thing, so some of you may be perplexed by some of my choices but I guarantee you that some of the songs will have great impact on your ability to reflect on God, your own life story and God’s work around you.

Get the playlist.

Scripture tells us to behold the glory of the Lord. One of the best ways I know to do this is through music and these songs are at the top of my list to make that happen.

To listen to the full playlist and see my notes on how these songs have impacted me, donate any amount here and I will send the playlist to you.

For a preview of five of the songs see my Facebook page from this week.

Happy listening.

Get the playlist now.

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