Book Review: Deeper Experiences Of Famous Christians – James G. Lawson

famous christians 1The Power of God.

This was the phrase that was repeating in my head after I finished Deeper Experiences of Famous Christians by James G. Lawson. The author used this phrase over and over to describe great and miraculous things that happened through the work of well-known and slightly well-known Christians.

It has been several months since I have read this book but several of the bios featured in the book still come to mind – namely George Whitfield, Dwight Moody, and Charles Finney. Lawson definitely places a glossy sheen on many of these stories and his accounts of their lives gets pretty close to legend on a few occasions. But, I don’t think his myth making tendencies distract from the principles and lessons to be learned from each bio.

Beyond biography, many of these stories are about spiritual movements and how they came about. Again, these movements come down to the power of God breaking forth in a particular time and place. May this inspire our prayer for our particular time and place.

Lord, may your power come to us today.

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