5 Ways To Control Your Thought Life

My last post was on the importance of thinking about God. Today, I offer up five exercises that can help you turn your distracted mind into one that

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regularly thinks on God.

1. Count Your Breaths – Distracting thoughts are like a buzzing mosquito that keeps flying around your head. You try to ignore it but it keeps hovering and forces you to give it your attention. We have to find ways to swat these thoughts that are insignificant and annoying. One way to begin doing this is to count our breaths. If we can make it to 10 without losing track than we are getting closer to being able to focus on one thing – preferably God.

2. Take a Walk – I can focus better when I am moving. Sit me down in one place and a thousand things cross my mind but being active brings added concentration.

3. Finish Something From Start To Finish – Experts like to call this the information age but what it should really be called is the distraction age. I have trouble writing this blog without wanting to check my email or Twitter. In many ways we are all addicted to distractions. If we want to focus our mind more on Christ, then we need to develop the skill to overcome this addiction. Make a habit of finishing a task before indulging in common distractions such as texting, TV, and social media.

4. Set Your Watch – We all fall into a task or role that occupies our minds and allows us to be carried away. Sometimes this is good but is it good for us to go hours without thinking about God? Try setting your watch so that it beeps regularly. Every time it beeps, focus your mind on Jesus.

5. End The Day With A Blessing Inventory – As you fall to sleep, review your day and think about all of the good things that God provided for you.

Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. ” Colossians 3:2

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